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How do i setup Hardware Profiling


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I have a removable hard drive with Windows XP SP2 installed. I would like to use that install on multiple hardware platforms. But i cant find a good site to explain how to set it up. Like i install windows and make this first one HP #1... how would i get the second one up? Or any good references besides the Microsoft site. Please


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I feel that would be asking too much of hardware profiling.

In my experience it isn't too hot in WindowsXP and at work we often lose manually configured hardware profiles.

As far as using a single usb hdd on multiple systems, I guess that could go either way., but I don't think it will need hardware profiles. If a device on a system isn't present it won't even need to be disabled which is the extent of which hardware profiles - unless their are device specific services that would need to be disabled - it could help then.


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the different hardware in each of these systems, would that not causse blue screens? you couldn't disable hardware xp hasn't had a chance to detect...


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you could always build it as a vmware machine and use the vmware player and keep it all on the USB drive.. as all the hardware is then "virtual" tied to the VMWare player, you wouldn't have to worry about changes in physical hardware.

I probably should mention licensing as, technically, you might be stretching the licensing.. especially if you are using an OEM license for XP which is tied to a specific machine and isn't allowed to be be moved under the EULA agreement.


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I wanna have one IDE drive like 1 30GB .... i have a removable rack for the drive then i put it into a shuttle that will but from this removable IDE drive. But i only wanna install Windows XP once... but have work in 2 class rooms..... with slighty different hardware profiles.

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