How do I set up "default user" or "Automatic login" in XP (like in Win95/98/2000



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How do I boot my PC to a default user like in Windows 2000? I don't want to type my password every time. I have even created a user with no password so I just press enter to log in... but it's annoying me a lot now especially since a few of us share the same user and whenever I reboot we need to login.. it's tedious. I am not interested in user profiles... is it possible to log in like Windows 95,98 or 2000 without entering a password - just by booting up and loading Windows automatically?
If you pop along to Micro$oft and download their Powertoys for XP, one of the utilities is TweakUI (for XP) from where you can reconfigure your autologon bits.
If you want to do it youself, type "control userpasswords2" in run(no quotes), click OK...the dialougue box that pops up is self explanetory

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