How do I restore all of the recycle bin in msdos?


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Hi, all. Kinda havent been on in awhile. I acquired this old, Compaq Armada 4120 laptop. It has windows 95. It was full of crap, so i started cleaning it out of useless files. Unlike the newer windows, this one does not hide "hidden" files. I accidentally deleted more than one vital file off the drive, and i would like to know how to restore all of the recycle bin. This has a catch: i can't go past MS-DOS. I can type in


and it will come up with the folder. The only thing is that I cannot restore all these files at once. I know where they all came from, so i can restore them one by one. But this takes time. I was wondering if there was a way for me to restore them all. Oh, and they all came from the same location: C:\. Yep. Just the root directory. All I need is the command. Help would be great.
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I think you miss the bootfiles or they are in the wrong position (?) on the drive. I believe there is a doscommand something like that reinstalls the bootfiles without formatting the drive first. Not sure though, I haven't used DOS in ages...

you can download here:

Make a system (bootable) disk

Mksys is designed to operate similarly to the SYS.COM command from DOS. However, unlike the DOS counterpart, this version will allow you to choose the operating system to place on the diskette.

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