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How do i put a picture over the desktop?

how can i set a screen shot of the desk top over hte desktop so it looks like it but u cant click on anything, i cant remove some of the icons that ar normaly used but is there anotuher way to do it? this is an april foules on a friend


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1) take a screenshot
2) send all icons to recycle bin
3) unlock taskbar + drag it down.

that should leave you with what you want, only icon that works is recycle bin which holds all you icons ;) to reverse it drag the taskbar back up, then right click recycle bin + choose restore to put all icons back :D


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hopefully your friend does'nt empty the recycle bin in an attempt to fix things :D
better if you go to
Desktop Properties, Display Tab and click Customise, you can then untick some icons from appearing

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