How do I install two different hard drives?


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13 Nov 2007
I have 2 hard drives- one is a 20 gb drive, the other a 17 gb drive. i need to know how to make them both work at the same time. the 17gb is swiped, and the 20gb has windows 2k and is 80% free.
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you need to set both to cs on the jumpers, which are on the hard drives themselves, they look like little toggles. with pins follow the diagram on the top of the hard drives.

next depending on whether you are going to use either for the os, if you are you need to use a ribbin cable (big gray cable) with two ports on it, plug the one that says master of the last port on the ribbons and plug the middle one or otherwise known as slave to the second drive you dont want to be the os drive. then plug the ribbon into ide1, then power sockets and boot etc...

or if you want get two ribbon cables plug the os drive into ide1 and the slave, second drive into ide2.

need more help just ask.
What you did is basically the same as what Lancer was suggesting. CS on the back of the drives stands "Cable Select", since there are only 2 possible connections on a single IDE cable - CS basically tells the drives to determine automatically which one is Master and which one is Slave. So, you did it the "hard" way. :)

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