how do i get the fps up?



My gf has got a computer and its VERY framey on UT and Q3. It only gets around 20fps max in Q3 and I'm positive something isnt set right because my AMD 400 used to get better fps using a nvidia riva128zx 8mb agp with glsetup (was about 40-50) - both pcs were using 640x480x16 resolution.

Any ideas on how to improve the fps - we mainly want it to run UT better because we play that more than Q3.

btw, the system specs are

AMD K6/2 500MHz,
192Mb SDRAM,
32Mb TNT2 M64 PCI,
QDI Superb1 mobo,
10Gb seagate hdd (no idea what model),
10/100 realtek nic (connected to other pc using Xover for broadband)

running winXP SP1 (wasnt much better on ME)

thanks in advance.
you could OC the card, and to processor, and FSB. then you would see some imporvement, but as Zedric said, its a TNT2 M64, you should not expect too much.


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oc'ing will not buy you much on that...

low fps solution is to get a better vid card but you also might need a better cpu..

however if your old rig was running better fps the only bottleneck.. as the others have said is that the vid card is giving fux0red performance :D

try your 8mb card in the rig and see if there is a performance increase or if it is the rig that has a problem..

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I think a newer graphics card would help. TNT2 M64 isn't all that great...but maybe it's just your card. Try the 8MB card and see what happens.


the 8mb card is agp, and the tnt2 is 32mb... ive fux0red wiv some settings in the bios and likewise in the drivers setup (the detailing box on the driver for d3d being "blend"), ive changed a few bits on the UT config and it runs nicer online... its actually playable with 9 bots on (if i run it offline).

running "stat fps" gets me almost 100fps most of the time (believe it or not lol) so its doin alright, but it gets like stutters, where it jumps for a split second, like packet loss, but its on the PC offline - it does it online too but "stat net" says its ok.

there are 3 pci slots on the mobo, ive got it in slot 2 with the 10/100 nic in slot 3... leaving slot 1 empty. would it be better putting the nic in slot 3 or 1 or the nic in 1 or 2 or whatever?

also, i remember seeing something on the old xp-erience site a long time ago about prioritising IRQs on winxp pro. it said to prioritise the IRQ for the system clock to improve overall performance on the system... perhaps if i tried prioritising the IRQ for the gfx card or something... now all i gotta remember is how to actually set the priorities lol. i think i got it written down somewhere.

as its the pc for my gfs kids, she got her own comp (p3 733, 384mb ram, 32mb gf2mx agp etc.) but we kinda wanted the other one good enough to play online without fps stutters so we aint fightin over the pc lol. when i get a job up here, ill av me own pc here (pc#1 in the sig), so really its a temporary thing...

one other thing... could it be temperature at all? ive got an exhaust blower above the card in slot1's bay and ive taken the side off the case to see... ill post if its improved any if it changes performance.

thx for advice etc


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won't be a temp problem... if it was, you'd be experiencing crashes and whatnot.

and the performance on your other card was so much better most likely because it was agp... pci and video make a really crappy combination.


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Originally posted by DeepBlade
has everyone fergot to mention it's a K6-2???
no L2 cache processors???
shouldn't be that big an issue...

I had a k6-2 before migrating to my current rig and it worked fine..

I was bottlenecked by not having an AGP slot...

besides reading the original post the fps was good on a slower machine with simlar processor architecture and smaller memory card...


Originally posted by taurus
won't be a temp problem... if it was, you'd be experiencing crashes and whatnot.
i didnt mean it was too hot to the extreme of crashes... i mean that its a little warm for optimum performance and dropped a few fps. but ive ran it without the side on the case and the blower above the card and it aint really improved.

its "playable" in a way... mebbe in a 3v3 online or somethin would be ok... but when i played on a 6v6 last night, LOL a wee bit framey even tho i capped the flag lmfao

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