how do i get rid of "shortcut to" ?


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12 Feb 2002
Tried to boot up this morning and XP said it was missing a file, wouldn't boot...suspect a virus ? i guess although i was wearing protection, i thought...anyway, here i am 12 hours later back here....needed a clean install anyway :)

but i forget how to get rid of that damn "shortcut to" when creating's not in tweak! jog my memory please!!! to windows update for a few hours!

btw anyway to save the windows update files somewhere for next time i'm stuck like this? and yes, i think i will create an image of my disk when i've got it tuned so this won't take so long next time :)

i thought this would be an easy one...

actually, i'm sure it's easily accessable...just can't find where to make the change
no, the words "shortcut to" actually prefixed to the shortcut name
Go get "Cusomizer XP" here. Under 'registry tweak'> explorer, there's the option to remove that 'shortcut to' business. It's shareware but you can still try it. ;)
the TweakUI XP version has this too. Along with making the arrow a light regular or custom arrow.
Originally posted by freightgod
no, the words "shortcut to" actually prefixed to the shortcut name

Umm maybe I'm missing something (I'm new here:) ) but can't you just slow double click the shortcut and rename each one?
Thank you, HSChronic. I thought it was there last night and of course after a good night's sleep I checked again and .... there it was. For the rest of ya, see screenshot. sheesh, rename each shortcut individually? what didja think tweaks were for? :)
Ok it was driving me crazy and I am resurrecting this thread to say that adding this value to your registry will make that "Shortcut to" stuff go away, without having to download any app like TweakUI or whatever.

I prefer to make my own humongous registry file that has all my tweaks built-in.

I'm on a regedit rampage today...


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