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How do I fix this problem?



I don't know what to do.. What am I suppost to download?
and yes im using a voodoo 3d Card
First, press winkey + break to bring up system properties. Click the "Advanced" tab. Click "error reporting" near the bottom. Switch the option from "Enable error reporting" to "Disable error reporting" and check the checkbox if you wish.

The point? now it won't ask you to report errors to Micro$oft every time something goes wrong with your computer :D

As for the graphics thing... Identify which video card you have installed, then download the latest drivers from the card manufacturer, or the latest 3DFX reference drivers if manufacturer's drivers aren't available.

Try DrDriver.com to search for drivers. It's free and there's no registration B$ either :)


Do you which 3D work best for games?
I'm currently using 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee and it often crashes on me.

BTW thnx, you've been alot of help1


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3dfx went under before they released drivers for XP.

Going to the 3dfx site and downloading the most up to date ones will still be over a year old and will probably give you problems.

I know banshee is old, but I can't remember how old. If you had 3d support you'll probably lose much of it in XP.

3dfx designed there 3d cards fully for openGL and I have yet to discover a way to put these drivers on XP.

I even tried to install the old drivers from 3dfx site and came up with failure.

Anyways to solve your problem you should go to the windows update site. Under any window go tools windows update or simply choose it from the system tools and update using the latest drivers by microsoft. They are designed using direct X not openGL, but oh well.

As for video cards. I recommend the geforce series. Geforce 2 requires and immediate update though because of the poor drivers that were released with it.

One more thing, about error reporting. You should make a choice whether to leave it on or off. The whole point of sending these error reports is so that microsoft can make there system more compatiable with every persons different hardware and software. By disabling this you prevent microsoft from doing this. The choice is yours of course. I find most people choose this out of paranoia. Oh my microsoft knows my most intimate of details!! haha you can look at the file being sent to microsoft it doesn't contain any information you would care about. Another thing is people think they'll get busted for using an illegal copy of Xp and no you won't.


P.S. I'm a hypocrit of course because I turned off error reporting. :)
I had a voodoo3 card. worked great. but i switched to geforce 2 a while ago. Just update the drivers and your fine. The native drivers that came with xp will cause problems. www.voodoofiles.com

go to 3rd party drivers. hopefully you will find something there. :):D
the banshee is a good card...or at least it was up until a couple of years ago. used to have one, and actually sometimes i miss it cuz it is the one card i never had any probs with. the catch with it now is that cuz 3dfx no longer exists there is no driver support. you can get the latest drivers from voodoofiles.com, but that still won't help much cuz nowadays games are written for the opengl api. the banshee was a glide card. you could do opengl but i never really worked very well...also try turning down your video acceleration a bit, might make it more stable.


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