How do I convince.............



Well over 8 months ago i upgrade to Windows ME then about 6 months after that I upgraded to Windows XP. I have had no problems with XP that I havent caused my self, registry stuff;)

However my Dad is still runing ME on his machine and is unwilling to upgrade to XP. How am I to convince him that XP is better I have used up the nicerr interface and cosmetic changes, I really could do with some vaild reasons why ME is so bad and why XP is so much better. This would make our network at ghome so much easier as we could both be running NTFS, where as currently any thing he was from my PC I have to pout onto his cause he cant see my drive. :rolleyes:

Oh well thanks for any replys:p


sales should say everything you could buy win98 for more then windows ME simply bc microsoft knows that os was one of there biggest

Bob S

I own every MS operating system back to Windows 3.1, with the exception of ME. The reason being I had it, ran it for a week, called MS with a laundry list of observations. They gave me all my money back, including sales tax and freight. Wonder why?

Tell him it is not supported anymore (actually, it never was).


Thanks guys, but on the perfomance side of things i have gained my highest 3dmark score with WinME and my Radeon8500. Xp has lost me 200 points but im not to fussed at all.


OK... now for true reason to change and it isn't even because ME is a bad OS. I actually like ME and have thought of going back except for this ONE very big reason called "pagefile".

ME as well as every other windows 9x OS has a fixed memory segment ussually refered to as your resources. Ever notice how running the internet with win 9x, your pc slows down? Thats because internet stuff... java, popups, ads, etc etc are extreme resource hogs.

XP (NT OS's) do not have this fixed memory segment. Instead they use a page file system which allocates some of your hard drive into memory. I have had as many as 30+ different programs running in XP and it never skipped a beat.

Hope this helps.

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