How do I change this ?



No matter what I do I can't get rid of the icky blue bits that show on the left hand side of folders. (arrowed in image)

I'm using Style Builder. I've tried looking in Res Edit but haven't got a clue which part I would need to edit

Any help greatly appreciated from a new forum member :nervous:


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well that ain't hard at all...... when you have My Computer or another window open that has that, go into the Tools menu, and select Folder Options. then in the General tab (which it should come up to right away), in the Tasks section, select "Use Windows classic folders". and voila!

and welcome to OSNN. hope you enjoy your stay.
Ahh thanks for the fast reply and the welcome :)

I know how to do it to work on my own pc - but I want to know how to change it, possibly by hacking the mssstyles or shellstyle files for distribution of theme files to work on other peoples pc

There's an option to change the task pane colours in Skin Studio for Window Blinds, but I'd rather distribute files that work with Style XP

hmm...... for that i'm not sure. never really worked with themes..... or at least never made my own.
Re: How do I change this ? Now I know :)

Well, after spending the whole night with my head stuck in ResEdit I finally got the colours I want and in the right place by using the 'trial and error' method.

I've been making themes since around 1999 but only recently started working of visual styles. I hate to let anything beat me ;-)
ah, a true geek :)
Hey! I resemble that remark! As a female of the species though, wouldn't that be a 'geekess' ? :laugh:

Here's the culmination of around 6 or 7 years work
Gills Places
hmm....... i must say the femaleness was unexpected...... but just as welcomed. and wow did you go through a lot....
Yup - the name normally throws people, especially 'non-British' for some reason .... don't have the problem here at home !!

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the little logoff window to change colour........

checkout the creative and design thread too Gill - we could use more people to design sigs and generally your sort of skills seem in high demand around here, but maybe you are used to that?

Had a quick look around your store - interesting - when you say "for V3" or "for BataLabs" and similar does that mean the client you worked for?

Oh and last but not least there is a hello thread where you may wish to introduce yourself if you wish - though you seem to have jumped right in like the geekess that you no doubt resemble indeed.....

Oh yeah and if you have not cracked it already why not post a new thread for the logoff button colouring? I have a feeling that is a harder one to crack... But I gave up customizing when I decided LiteStep was too much of a resource hog! Not least on my time!

Sorry for the loooooooooooooooong delay in replying !

OK to answer the logoff window question - I cracked it but it's so simple! No coding is required whatsoever. All that's needed is your custom BackGround.bmp, LOButtons.bmp, Logo.bmp, SDButtons.bmp placed in the Shell folder along with the shellstyle.dll file and it just works ! I can't believe after the hours of combing through the shellstyle and msstyle files that it was that simple!

Re the question on 'V3' etc - my store items are for 3D artists - mainly those who use Poser, Vue or Bryce.
V3 is Victoria 3, a human female model sold at for use in Poser. A number of artists create skin textures and head/body morphs to create different 'characters' for her.
Batlabs is an artist who creates clothing for similar models. I create textures for that and other clothing models.
I sell at and, and a little at

Funny, I only got into digital art through doing classic desktop themes and it all snowballed from there. Though I do have experience of traditional painting on canvas using oils or acrylics from my dim and distant past (also know as my youth) ;-)

I'll pop over to the 'hello thread' some time. As you can probably guess, I'm a little elusive in forums LOL!!


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