How do I change the default search engine used when searching from the address bar

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12 Jan 2002
whenever I search by typing directly in the address bar the default search engine appears to be MSN.
I really would prefer to have a different search engine used.
(I was able to choose the s.engine if I used the 'search' button, but MSN is used if I search directly from the address bar.)



my book of knowledge says:

Using a Single Search Provider
To use a favorite search provider exclusively in the Search bar, follow these steps:

Click the Customize button on the Search bar.
In the Customize Search Settings dialog box, select Use One Search Service For All Searches.
Select a provider and click OK.
Searching from the Address Bar

Often the simplest way to search is to type a search string directly in the Address bar. For example, if you start typing something that Internet Explorer doesn't recognize as a URL.

Internet Explorer passes what you have typed to the current default Autosearch provider.

You can change the default Autosearch provider as follows:

Display the Search Explorer bar, using Classic Internet Search.
Click Customize.
In the Customize Search Settings dialog box, click Autosearch Settings.
In the Customize Autosearch Settings dialog box, select a search provider.

To change the behavior of the search provider (for example, to switch from showing a list of search hits to going straight to the most likely hit), choose an option from the When Searching list. The options available vary by provider.

hope this is what u wanted


OSNN Addict
12 Jan 2002

Thanks to you and your "Great Big Book of Everything".

Much appreciated

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