How Do I Change My Peer To Peer Network To Be Server/Client Network???

Hi all...
My fellow office mates and I want to change our peer to peer network to a true server/client network and they are looking at me to do it for us because i am the most computer literate. can someone tell me the cheapest way to do it?

i already built the computer we will use as the server but i am not sure about the OS to put on it and where to go from there.

Right now we have 4 computers all running windowsXP Pro on peer to peer.

any suggestions??
all my computers are already connected to a switch sharing one internet connection and printers. As i stated above they are already on a peer to peer network.

What i need to know is what software do i need on the "server" computer to designate permissions and rights to all the other machines?? i want to make it a SERVER/CLIENT system...NOT PEER2PEER.
they are looking at me to do it for us because i am the most computer literate
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It depends on what you want to use the server for. If you want a domain server with centralized user accounts and all that, then you'll need Win2k Server or WinNT Server. If you want it for storage, web, ftp or similar, I recommend a Linux or BSD server. Mandrake Linux is easy to install, learn and use.
I want to create user accounts and give specific permissions to each user who logs on to the network, for example to designate what programs can be run on a particular machine. I also want to create a centralized place where all documents are stored and retrieved. If one user is using a document and editing it, I want to lock out other users from that document until that user is finished with it. I also want to be able to backup the files on that drive instead of going to each machine and backing up each users documents like I am doing now.

So I have a few questions:

1. What is the best OS for that?

2. If it is Windows2000 Server, will that work with all the client PC's using Windows XP Pro?

3. Do I need to buy licences for each machine to be able to log onto the server? Or just buy that OS for that Server machine?

Thanks for the help in advance...


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windows 2000 server. yes it will work with any nt client (xp and 2000 being best but also nt4)
first decide on server hardware requirements, and network topology. load 2000, set it up as first server in domain to make it a DC (domain controller)
yes in this setup you will need licences for server, clients, and for clients to access server( you could get a copy of server with say 25 acl's...
this will give you a centralized fileserver and printserver a centraized place to backup. put in a tape drive or something and could run nt backup every night or week depending on requirements.
as for control of clients you could set up profiles and so but need to use group policy to full control apps and other settings....

this is a quick overall, theres alot moving to a domain than just plugging in a server...............


Well this is one big can of worms you have opened.

You can do many things that have been suggested. The easiest for a Windows user (but not cheapest before you Nix guys give me grief) is to install Windows 2000 Server on the server PC. Get some client licenses for each PC connecting (you can get these with server in a pack if you shop a bit). Set up Active directory and DNS on the server create the accounts move the data to be central on the server. Share directories in AD or without its up to you. Connect and share printer (publish in AD for ease). Set all the PCs to use a domain (the name would be set during AD setup.

Any more questions I am happy to help just PM me.


Well that said in a sentence what took me a few paragraphs but - there you go thats the way to do it!
Hey Guys thanks for all the info. You have answered alot of questions in my mind.

Snake11, I may PM you with a couple ofquestions in a few days. Thanks for the offer!
Hey Guys thanks for all the info. You have answered alot of questions in my mind and judging by all the hits on this thread, I am sure you answered questions for others.

Snake11, I may PM you with a couple of questions in a few days. Thanks for the offer!

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