How Did You Get Your User Name?

I used to play Ragnarok; I miss my Agility Knight :(. Well anyways my Username = my middle name.
WOOO!!! me plays RO. me luvs RO. i currently play on my friends *cough* private *cough* server. :D not the greatest server due to the fact that it's running offa cable. works good though if there's only a few people on, and there's only a handful of people signed up.
xsivforce said:
As some of you know, I was trying to fit excessive force on a license plate. I still didn't shorten it enough to fit. Max characters in Florida is 8. This was back before I was even online if I remember right. Anyway, I had a few screennames I used the first year or so I was online. I used xsivforce for the first time at the good ol' (now Don't remember what made me choose that when I joined. It kinda stuck after that.

xsive4ce m8 :D fits perfect...

btw thought it was 7 letters... not 8 :confused:

in which case drop the E...

/me used to design number plates for pals back in the little computer firm I worked @ in high school

anyways... I was just looking round for something different...

my first name starts with an S and I was/am into all kindsa sci-fi and LOTR type stories/mythologies.. have been forever... so I thought wtf... let me abstract it off my name and make is sound different :)

so here I am :)
My name here isn't too much a mystery. It comes from a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. I picked it because I felt the need to get away from the usual collection of screen names I use and cuz the card was the first thing I looked at when trying to pick a name.
Mine comes from lil tits. LOL i think i can say tits? Anyway get it tittle bitties LOL.
I like the band AudioSlave at the time. So i was playing counter-strike and a guy named slayer was in the server and i likes it. So its became AudioSlave + Slayer = AudioSlayer
Mine came from the Bush song 'Insect Kin'. I'm not really the biggest bush fan now, but the names stuck.
A bit obvious..

I've been coding since Personal Computers weren't really thought of and Gates and Jobs hadn't gotten together in a garage or whatever it was they did...

So worked on Mainframe style computers, the ones that needed their own rooms with environmental control, underfloor wiring, and Halon extionguisher systems just incase with disc that looked like laundromat machines and held less than most of you guys have in your rigs now!

Plus I am a guy (yeah I could have been MainframeMan, but that seemed too macho for my nature).... so there you have it. :cool:
My one is a character from the comic book made Film, Mystery Men. It appealed to my daft, and sometimes confusing, sense of humor. I would really recommend the film.

Anyhoo, TheBlueRaja is a American white guy who wears Purple (not blue) clothes and turban and who's specialty is throwing cutlery (but no knives - there too dangerous). :D

Online i play as MrFurious who is another character from the movie who occasionally goes nuts, and gets really stressed out but ultimately does nothing. But it IS a cracking online gaming name, especially on UT.

I just realised as well that if i put TheBlueRaja into Google, it comes up with NTFS... Hehe.
I'll bet everyone thinks mine is from Metallica... wrong

It came from years ago when my GF broke up with me. She always held everything against me and never forgave me for anything. So, I adapted "Unforgiven One" which I just shortened to un4given1 because that's the max characters on Efnet. Then, since I was young and thought it was cool, I made it "Un4gIvEn1" And, that's it.
Hmm well nothing to hide haha.. my last name, lieb. i was signing up for a hotmail account back in '97 i believe.. my friend was showing it to me and i was amazed by it haha... and how it was free. seeing that i was.. 10... wow haha.. i chose lieb but that was taken so i took a random number.. 39.. and since than my name for everything has been lieb39.. and thats my history haha...

ElementalDragon said:
Sazar, do u play Earth Special Forces for half-life?

sry its taken so long for me to respond to this :D

can't say I have played that mod..

I used to play lots of CS... we had a nice little clan going with some pretty decent players... :)

we pwned :D
i started posting on some forums with random names, but they all sounded abit ****. i was 'the Muffin man' on one, for example.

so i tried to think of a cool name thing. 'hybrid' came into mind, its kinda relevant to my personality cause i feel like im made up of like 5 different people. heh.

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