How Did You Get Your User Name?

Why did you choose your screen name?

I just asked shepcrook how he came up with his name, its quoted below, i thought hey how interesting. So i came up with the idea of asking you all why or how did you come up with your screen names...

... I wonder if a name means anything or where as shepscrook, its just a randomly selected dictionary entry reaarranged.

For me i chose lancer (with a purposeful lower case, supposed to be a humble thing), because I at the time 10 yrs ago liked the name for its medieval conotations, and i think it was also a shortened name from something in my bedroom at the time, although i don't remember what. Not too interesting, hopefully your's will be better. :)

So here's shepcrooks.....(hope he doesn't mind)

Well, it's kind of a stupid story. Back when AOL was basically the only ISP to use. I had to come up with a screenname for it. All of my first picks were used. Viper... Joker... Porche... Ace, whatever. So I grabbed a dictionary and randomly opened it up and pointed to a word. I had landed on Shepherds Crook, which is the large cane that sheep herders would use to catch stray sheep, as well as it was used in theatres years ago for pulling bad acts off of a stage. I liked the sound of it but it was too long. So I shortened it to ShepsCrook. Stupid huh? I also tried this method one more time for a backup name if I ever forgot ShepsCrook and it's password. I ended up with PipeDream, which was a pretty good one.

There's the history of ShepsCrook.
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Sorry lancer. Although it is very good reading (and good stories) I have combined it with our existing thread.
thats fine, i was like wtf, how did this many people respond so quickly... haha

see look at that merged description, how nice :)
Most people can't read. Matt only writes stuff coz he has nothing better to do.

Other than dancing and typing you know.

no i don't think so, you know i really do have to trya nd remember where it came from, could also be a dictionary flip.

What is strange about my name is that when i started to use it in 96, no one anywhere had it, about a yr later, everyone and there mother was using it, seems a bit suspect, shame i couldn't TM it. :)

MY other screen name is Firetrak... just made it up no rhyme or reason.
haha it is nice, i'm glad you choose the same one as me haha.
I think I need to change my name to [R A V E R] thats what i use for other things. Fits me better, what do you think?
Evil Marge said:
I know but I'm hoping to be in someones hands very shortly :smoker:

Everyone please get back on topic. Take random conversations to the looong thread. Thank you.

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