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How did you find your way to XPerience?


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Hmm, I believe this question has been asked before but I'll humor you :D

I found XP-erience.org through a search for XP help, kinda got under my skin (in a good way) and stayed. A few months after I joined waddy asked if I wanted to moderate :D

Home sweet home, on the net :D


I may actually be insane.
I've been a viewer of Xp-erience since it first popped up around the time of the Whistler Beta's (i remember wanting to know EVERYTHING about XP/Whistler and get as many screen shots as possible :) ) and it's provided me with the latest news ever since :) :)


XP-erience.org? Is that where I am? :confused: Damn - I made a left instead of a right. Excuse me - have to be somewhere else. :cool:

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I worked my way up from the bottom.
We don't need more mods at the moment as we currently have 30 great mods / supermods who are active pretty much every single day. I do tend to pick members who I and the rest of the team belive are aroind alot and help out those in need.

Currently got 4 members covering each section of the forum so we are not in need atm :)
Making new mods is a tough decision ;)
different story

hmm... i seem to be the only person so far that happened to look on a different website and see a link to here. hmm... odd. i thought more would have wound up here that way. Anyway, i've practically visited this site every day that i possibly could when i had Dial-Up, and now that i have cable, i visit this site at LEAST once a day, sometimes anywhere from 2-5 times in one day. not sure if anyone really cares, but i'd love to be a moderator for this website. it is very well put together.;)

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