How Did You Find Forums?

How did You Find Us?

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This was quite an intresting thread before. how did you come accross the forums? please vote + give a little story if you do so care :cool:


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lmfao :D

i found it through google about 2 years ago. i was looking to find out more about xp as i had just got it for christmas ;) it was Iceman`` who kept me here + introduced me too irc :cool: so you can all blame him :p
I was searching for XP wallpaper and icons back when I had windows 98... <3 google. It was back then too. Those were the days...


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using google, searching for info and programs for XP. first only rarely visited after that i started reading the forums and since them im hooked :p
I was searching Google for tweaks to enhance XP's performance...came upon XP-erience, and thought it was a great place to join. Since it was the first forum I ever joined, I was concerned about privacy/spam issues, so I signed up with a b0rked email address and the name "XPMagic" :p
I then later switched to NetRyder...the name I had been using online everywhere else (IM/Chat etc).


same as EP... clicked on the Forums link on the frontpage... like I could remember from that long ago. I have been with the forums for over 2 years. I cant remember 2 weeks ago and thats a challenge. :D
It was a combination of finding it through google and also SPeedY_B, as XP was still new and we were looking for sites/resources for it


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I found xp-erience while searching for MSNM skins on Google. I think. Didn't really start posting until about 6 months after I joined though ;p
#16 owned the domain name "", which was one of my favorite sites in early 2002. I was so pissed that I didn't even look into it for a looooong time. But now I love it ;)
ahh.. yes... I remember the day like it was yesterday... sitting in an IRC channel... think it was early/mid August of '01.

There was a bot (hosted on eggdrop run off the old XP-erience server, note the server was bought originally for the eggdrop service.. the domain name was merely an additional feature) which kept on spurting out this same site every so often... so I decided to take a look... turned out to be a help/support/news forums regarding Windows XP...

...ended up posting replies to threads.. getting involved in the community, basically got attached.



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Searching for Windows XP information about a week after information leaked of it's existence, located Bink's site with about 38-billion links on it to other sites, went to them all, stayed at the best one :D

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I was a member of another site, we went down for a couple of days, I searched around to get my helping fix.

found this site

the personalities here have always been outstanding, much more comfortable with their own respective personalites, and it's much more a comunity then anywhere else I've been

decided to stay

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