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How can make a copy of a DVD??



Hello!!, i try to make a copy of a DVD but i can't!!!!, i have NERO and a CD-ROM-RW and a clean CD-DVD, but not works!!!! wath i need???
Wow, nice reply mafia, real nice.

Michelldavid, the best way is with a DVD burner, but there are other backup methods, which were brought to court and are now being questioned, and close to being banned and deemed illegal, which is a good reason as to why it can't be discussed here. I may be wrong, however.


It is possible to burn a dvd to a cdr i used Dup-DVD b4 i got a dvd burner.
If you do get a dvd burner i recomend the sony dru-500a its compatible with all dvd formats. Also, checkout www.vcdhelp.com that is a very useful site but you have to do your reading, its not easy. (Dup-Dvd is real easy though, its like 2 clicks and your done, and it doesnt copy it to 1 cdr it copies it to 2)

Edited out illegal content. Please do not suggest illegal ways of obtaining commercial software in the future - NetRyder
Originally posted by themafia_69
u need a dvd writer to burn a dvd! hahahahaha n00b
a useful comment, but the remaining piece is uncalled for, we are supposed to be a friendly site, and crap like that doesn help
Originally posted by michelldavid
Hello!!, i try to make a copy of a DVD but i can't!!!!, i have NERO and a CD-ROM-RW and a clean CD-DVD, but not works!!!! wath i need???
since you don't have a DVD-Writer,the only way to copy the DVD is to convert the file to DivX format or SVCD format,but you will lose quality and get low sound.it's still possible to back it up.see this link http://www.dvdrhelp.com/convert.htm


I can make SVCD, but someone told me, he can copy a DVD, so i know tanx for the tips to all


High On Life!
well its not true whoever told u that, some guy was trying to convince me and i had to explain to him for an hour how u cant!
i cant directly copy a DVD because the commercial DVD disks that u can get (around here) are 4.7 and 5.1gb's most dvd movies are 9 and up, so yea, u can rip it into many formats but the most popular are DIVX, VCD, SVCD, xvid, but to get the closest u can to DVD quality u are going to have to split it up to 2 cd' or more
Originally posted by xsivforce
Did Catch 23 h4x0r themafia_69's acount?

Those of you who have been around a while will get that. ;)
Nah, his replies were a bit more well based and intelligent. Catch23 was kind of fun sometimes, but a pain in the ass. I kinda miss him, but if we were to get him back, I'd want to get rid of him and his monkey drum avatar :p

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