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how can i make this work

i bought need for speed hot persute 2 and i was playing it and i saaw 2 problems, on my computer freezes everyonce and a wile with a high pitch hiss comming from my speakers and i reinstalled the drivers and no luck and hte game leggs when i go near water in the maps or where there is a crash, which i know i could buy a new video card but i have no money to spend on it.

my system specs are:
amd 1600+ 1.5ghz
main 40gb 7200rpm
secondary 40gb 5400rpm
gforce 2 mx 400 64mb ddr
sound blaster aduigy gamer win xp pro
350w power

any help weather it be overclocking (which i have no clue waht to do) or anything that does not cost me money or a lot of money
First of all; if there are any EAX sound settings in the game, disable them.

Getting new video drivers for your graphics card might help also.
Sometimes EAX messes up games, my specs are higher then his, and EAX still screws games up, it's not dependent of the specs.
thanks for all the help but i did it hte harsh way and it is working now, i tryed new drivers and older ones and the omega ones and no luck, i tryed updating my sound and no luck, i tryed game os and no lick so i formatted and now it works and it is all good

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