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how can i leave my BB connection on 24/7


XP Abuser

ok im with bt broadband i leave my pc on 24/7 but i leave the net on too. rite when i wake up next day the internet has crashed

i.e. internet options dont work cant disconnect or nothin. resulting me to reboot. then all is fine

im pretty sure this is where the isp changes the ip adress and xp gets confused and crashes.

anyone else got the problem and better yet. a solution???:(
well firstly BT shouldnt be able to change your IP while you are connected, the IP only gets assigned when you reboot, and they shouldnt re-allocate while you are online.

You could try ang get one of those dialup tools that keeps the line alive by transmitting data every now and then.

I dont have this problem at home, but then I am with Griffin Internet.

Are you using the USB ADSL modem, make sure that XP doesnt try and turn off its USB ports to save power, that could also be screwing things up

XP Abuser

ok geffy think i got the prob

yeh in device manager it says allow window to turn usb off ---> adsl modem is on that hub. now ill leave it on and see what happens

cheerz m8:)

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