how can I HIDE my recycle bin?


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12 Apr 2002
just a quick question... I want to hide my recycle bin from my desktop... I am wndering how I can do this?

I do not want to remove the recycle bin from the desktop.. I simply want to hide it...
Not sure what you mean when you say you want to hide it but not remove it from the desktop. :p

Anyways, here goes:
1) Start>Run>gpedit.msc
2) User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Desktop
3) "Remove Recycle Bin icon on the desktop" - Double click it and set it to ENABLED.

EDIT: Another possible way to "hide" it, but not remove it, would be to set the icon to a completely transparent one, and rename the Recycle bin to a space " ". I suppose that should work.
Have a read here microsoft.

More info below but read microsoft also.


In the right pane, right-click the following registry DWORD value, and then click Modify:

In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK. (The TweakUI utility sets this value to 1 to hide the Recycle Bin icon.)
Quit Registry Editor.

The Recycle Bin icon reappears on the Desktop.

NOW I have not tried this in the registry for a long time but I think it worked
If I remember right.
The microsoft article talks about this also. SO please read it to get a better idea.

(Just set value to 1 to hide the recycle bin icon)
Be sure to backup the registry Key FIRST.
thanks guys I'll give it a look/see :)

issue is when I use objectdock and I remove the recycle bin via tweakUI... it basically kills the functionality of the OD recycle bin but if I leave it on dtop it works as expected... ergo I need it hidden... not removed :D

I'll play around with teh suggestions and post tonite as to what I came up with :)

thanks for your posts..
I had the same problem using Yzdock...just edit the registry file and it should work w/o a problem.

But back up the registry before you do it in case you want to reverse it!

bush_dogg's solution is best cause it actually hides it and does not delete some namespace...

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