How can I get rid of this?

My daughter downloaded a file on Kazaa now if I try to move it or delete it I get an error message saying it is being used by another person or program, Norton has not detected a virus. How can I get rid of this ?
close down kazaa and other programs thats associate with the file. (press control alt delete) once closing the program(s) try to delete the file and see if it works.

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
open a command prompt from the directory where the file is located, then open the task manager and end the task Explorer.exe

delete the file with the del command
then type explorer.exe to restart.

Coathanger, I tried the Safe Mode option, it still will not allow me to delete the file.
ej I would try your suggestion, but I'm afraid I dont understand your instructions.

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
Originally posted by Smoke286
How do I?
How do I run the delete command?
OK, sorry for the quick reply, here it is in more detail.

go to START -> RUN and type cmd (assuming you are running nt, 2000 or xp)

in the dos prompt, navigate to the folder where the file is located. type:
cd <folder> to get into a folder. if the folder name is longer than 8 characters, you might need to only type the first 6 letters followed by ~1
cd ..
will get you to a lower level folder.

the delete command is as follows:

del <filename)

just type help within the dos window for a list of all the commands.

hope it works!

EJ ;)
Elroy, sorry for all the trouble, but your not dealing with a rocket scientist here. I haven't a clue about DOS. Is it possible I could get you to tell me exactly what to type/ the name of the directory is C:\My , or would it be C:/My

Black screens frighten the begeezus out of me.

my problem begins with the "navigate to the folder where the file is located" part , and goes downhill from there


Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
ok, no worries, you must be generation y (i guess we x-ers started off on dos...) oooops, you have a daughter, so I guess you are just newer to pc.... ;)

if you open the command line, you should see:

C:\Documents and Settings\username>

after typing cd .. and pressing ENTER, you should see

C:\Documents and Settings>

after cd.. you will see


the type

cd temp

and you will see


or type

cd my documents

and you will see

C:\My Documents>

Oh joy, I was able to get rid of it. Want to know how? Even though I had tried to change the filename myself earlier it wouldnt. So I went into file properties and changed the file name there (to bad file) I was then able to delete it. See, us old folks may be dumb, but were sneaky:)

Sorry for all the trouble Ellroy, but as a wise man once said:
Ain't no rocket scientists in the firehall

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