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how can I get custom resolutions?



I have a minipc that will be mainly for a 42" flat panel display and I want to set some custom resolutions like maybe 1024x600.

Is there a tool out there for this? :confused:


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I think so, the resolution you are forcing would stay the same for everything.

Might be wrong tho, try reading up on the website or their forums.

I want to be able to play games at 1280x1024, but some of them max out at 1280x960 which is teh ghei and my TFT wont do 1280x960, so I have to drop down to 1024x768 which is teh uber ghei


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1280x960 is the correct ratio for a screen resolution.
Your screen should be in 4:3 ratio, 800/600, 1024/768, 1280/960, 1600/1200 etc. Most people just ignore that and use 1280x1024 anyway (Not that it really matters :) )

I'm sure that some games will get the resolutions from Windows settings (so you can't scrw up and go too high) so if you could somehow get the custom res' into the windows display properties then you may be able to get them in (some) games.


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Even if you have a really good gaming system, the higher the resolution the slower the game runs! So why would you want it that high, even if your can take it, run it at its fastest!


Boogie Nights...!
bman...if they HAVE a really good systems then they can run at really high resolutions. I run UT2003 at 1600x1200 for example and its smooth as silk.


I may actually be insane.
Yup, games look sooooo nice at 1600x1200, I can't run new games at that on this rig, but it's worth doing if your system can take it :)
I am a big Powerstrip fan and have used it for quite awhile. For gaming it works great especially if your having gamma problems from one game to the next. Often too dark to see what the hell is going on in the game. Its also allows you to set your display options and works great with most all video cards. Anyone who has a PC that is over two years old and has an older video card trying to run the newer games, this program is a must. Its definately one of best free program utilities out there!

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