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How can I find out my Cd-Key for Sof2?



Ok I recently had my secondary 20 gig drive crash and I'm in the process of recovering my files to my main drive. Problem is my main drive is full of games, etc. So what I'm doing in unstalling all my game and unneeded programs to maximize my space so I can recover as many files as possible. OK here's the problem. I lost my case for SOF2. I still have the cd but of course the CD-Key is on the case so I'm SOL. I need to know if there is a way that I can find out my current key so that I can write it down for when I reinstall. I've tried looking in the registry and came up empty. I'll dig around some more but it's not looking good for finding it there. Thanks for all of your help guys. :(


There's only 1 INI file in my sof2 directory. It's called unwise.ini and I know that it has somethign to do with the uninstallation program. So i guess that's not gonna work.


no luck. I found a file called sof2key but it doesn't look to be the right format. The format for the valid key's are X11X-X1XX-XXXX-XXXX-11 where x= a letter and 1 = a number.

I'm seriously losing my freaking mind. I really would like to find the case but I hve gotten a new desk since then so there's no freaking telling where it is. I've torn apart my entire computer room looking for it. ARGH!


Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Probably in the old desk. :rolleyes:
Actually my old desk was just 3 cabinets with 8 feet of formica countertop. Those were completely cleaned out.

I actually just found it. It was on a cd-tower in my brothers room for some damn reason!


seriously I was freaking out. I've got a lan coming up next Sat and SOF2 is our main game. I actually never play ( counter-strike is still owning me) but when I do play i'm not half-bad at it. WEll i guess a mod can delete this thread as it has absolutely no value to the forum. :)


Putt in you options files to see a "ocult files" after that go explore the cd a look for "serial number" many time that file have format of Wordpad or Word.Open that file and they is her...the cd-Key
Hmm.. a silly comma got in there, here's the link again for version 3.10.


-full hardware & software information on 80 pages
-built-in hardware database: detailed information about 21000 components
-phyisical information for CPU, motherboard, hard disk, optical drive
-motherboard chipset, buses, sensor information
-installed programs, event logs list
-diagnostics module to reveal possible problems
-memory benchmark
-automatic audit via command-line switches
-ADO/ODBC database support
-remote control through TCP/IP network
-32-bit low-level hardware detection
-multi-threaded program model
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