How can I do this in Adobe Photoshop CS?


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do the text as you want it, blending options, stroke it with 2px white or however you want it, create a duplicate, hide the original layer with the text and the stroking, rasterize the duplicate, drop shadow on the rasterized text layer with stroking, pull the Distance to 0, and take the Spread to about 16, and then play around with the size til you get the kind of look you want

that should about do it


Im not sure if Geffy answered your question, but I am reading your question differently, if you would like to get each part of that picture on a different layer (ie. you want the drop shadow to be on a layer by its self) after you have created the effects (ie drop shadow, stoke, bevel, etc.), you can right click that new "effect sub-layer" and select "create layers", then new layers of just the effects will be created. I attached a pic depicting what I mean, hope it helps


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