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How can I block people form accessing a hard drive?



There's two user on my computer, me and everyone else who uses it. I have an extra hard drive, but I want it all to myself. So how can I make it so the other user can't see it?

I don't know of a way to 'hide' it, but you can make it inaccessible to any other account but your own. First you need to either format or convert it to ntfs. Open Windows Explorer> Tools> Folder Options> 'view' tab> scroll all the way to the bottom and untick 'use simple file sharing'> apply the change and close the folder options window. Right click on the drive> properties> 'security' tab> 'add' button> 'advanced' button> 'find now' button> select your user account from the list that populates and press 'ok'> ok> give your account full control and delete 'everyone.' Now you can create a separate user account(s) for everyone else who uses your computer (suggest limited 'guest' accounts unless there's a specific need for them to have admin rights). Password protect both your user account (the one you just modified the rights to that drive on) and the *administrator account. *The administrator account because that one would be able to take 'ownership' of the drive. That should do it. After you create the other account(s), log into it/them and try to access the drive - it will deny access.

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