How big of a power supply?


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5 Jan 2004
I'm building a new system over the next week or so and was wondering if I need a new power supply, or will my current one be enough?

The new system consists of:

Intel Quad Core 6600 CPU
Intel DG33TL MB
ATI 2600XT Vid Card
LG DL-DVD Burner
160GB + 300GB + 250GB HDD + 320GB External USB
Antec 900 Case (250mm+120mm fans)

Just wondering if my current power supply (Antec 430w) can handle this?

If not, can someone recommend a power supply that could handle it?


That PSU should technically be fine from the looks of it. Otherwise something over 500-600W should suffice.
To be safe question? How old is that PSU? I have seen a good many Antec smart power supplies blow just after a year. Is that a smart power or a true power ( which is a little better) ?
I'm running an 8800GTS 640, Intel E6750, two sticks of DDR2, three hard drives, two DVD burners, a network card, a sound card, four USB devices, and five 5V fans on a 450W power supply. They all work without a hitch, even if I'm doing some really heavy load stuff like gaming in Medieval 2 Total War (that game uses EVERYTHING you can give it!) and burning DVDs in the background.

You'll be just fine, I'm sure.

It's the quality of your power supply that matters, not the quantity--I can't remember the name of the brand of my power supply, but it was highly rated and cost about $70.. Check out this calculator to show the maximum power you could ever use. These people insisting on gigawatt power supplies make my nerd rage rise.
what you need to look at is the ampage on each of the voltages, more amps better it is

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