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How 2 Uncap Your Cable!!!



You can now succesfully uncap your cable service.

Even though on many sites(dslreports.com,speedguide.net...etc)have said that this was impossible because the cap is given by the server and not found on the modem.They were proven wrong in one point it is POSSIBLE.I for one , are an example i have succesufly been uncapped took me 20 minutes.

Visit this site for instructions; (even though it says surf board modems, it has been succefully been used for shark fin modems and more, i think UK cable modems are not uncapable yet , but they are working on cracking the md5 encryption)


Also for live help You can visit thier IRC chat room @

Server: irc.bararcade.com

Channel: #Surfboard

And good luck for all of you UNCAPPERS out there ....Remember patience is needed but it can be done !!!www.surfboardhack.com


It all sounds ok...

It all sounds okay, but I am stuck on STEP 2. I can't seem to get my boot file from the Comcast DHCP server... not sure if this is worth my time, I have tried so many "uncappers" before...

If you uncap your cablemodem your account is terminated by comcast no questions asked

I uncapped mine. Comcast called me a day later said my account has been terminated, and that if I didn't drop off my rented modem within one month I was being charged 200 dollars for it.

It took me about 6 hours on the phone to convince them to let me keep my account


oh and I forgot to mention I only uncapped mine to 3000/384...and it only took a day to notice.
The big secret is this idea has been out since docsis came out. The only reason this Ideas works is due to a flaw in certain modems.

Just like you can't uncap an RCA modem because it actually adheres to the docsis standard, whereas the Motorola Surfboard and 3com Sharkfin do not.

one of the mentions in DOCSIS 1.0 is that a modem should NOT be capable of retrieving a TFTP configuration from the ethernet side..motorola and 3com never turned this off in firmware, hence how the hack works. but they never bothered to patch it cause they knew the cable companies would just term the accts anyway =oP
I know on the Toshiba PCX1100 I believe that it allowed ethernet retrieval of a boot file, but only with default firmware. I only know about Comcast so no clue as to whether or not Roadrunner pushed you a more recent firmware for your toshiba. I know the only Firmware push comcast has done is for linksys, and some 3com's


ah crap! you cant uncap rca modems?!?!? damnit. oh well. i could care less if my cable got terminated lol. they would reactivate it anyways cause my provider is about as dumb as.......
Yeah but Comcast is the biggest morons of them all...until you break the rules..then they get nasty :p

now it's a shame that I work for QVC which is owned by comcast LOL

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Hmm, does this file also contain the information that will only allow the cable internet to work if it is connected to a specific network card?

I wanna plug it straight into the hub, but it never works :p
The server I use is too unstable!
Well you can always get a MD5 brute forcer and hope you get lucky :)

I don't know about blue Yonder but with most providers if they lock onto the mac of the Net card, you could always call in and tell them the mac of the hub

Or go buy yaself a linksys router and do a Clone MAC and your all set :)


So Does/Did anyone try this out? I've got the SB3100 - The one they where talking about and I was thinking of doing it, I've only got less than 30 days left on my Trial, I wonder what ATT will do? Anyone verify everything works? I woulnd't mind transfering @ 100-500k rather than my pitty 14.

It works, if you do it ATT will cancel your account once they run a SNMP check or people in your area complain

Most of ATT's local nodes have an alloted 5mb of upstream capacity using QPSK modulation...so if you uncap your upstream your gonna take a MAJOR bite out of everyone elses upstream...which will then begin to affect everyone elses downstream..

If you must uncap just uncap to like 3000/384...but remember...it is considered theft of service...which is a crime...my account was cancelled a day later by comcast..and I was only uncapped to 3000/384.

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