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hover balloons

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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man, I love those info balloons when I'm on my slow connections, saves tons of time

anyway, anyway to get them to lsat a little longer?...I suppose some people don't like them, so maybe an option in the user control panel for how long they last, and also to dissable them


in the microsoft news group section, the hover balloons actually display the last post, not the first post!

this to me is a good thing...I'm wondering if you could have two areas on a thread.

the title would give the info balloon of the first post, the arrow to the last post would give the info balloon of the last post.

good idea, probably not do able, but I wanna ask anyway

Electronic Punk

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I did look into it last time you asked and I really don't understand why it would do it in the MS section as it treated as a normal forum (only data is imported)

Have found myself checking out them out now and then.

When you say last longer... do you mean the length they appear for, or the length of the preview (or both!!)

Evil Marge

I Rule
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They last about 6 seconds for me which is plenty enough time to read them :laugh:

Been to look in the microsoft news group section and some balloons are showing first post and other threads are showing last :speechless:

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
perris said:
I mean the amount of time they stay on the screen...I don't read as fast as evil marge I guess
I do read fast,have done since school and read everything quicker than most people.Takes me no time to read a book :laugh:

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