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Hotmail taking on Spam?


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I just went to send out an email by "replying all" in my Hotmail account, and one of those image message verifier boxes popped up.

is this brand new?
id say its about time! good move to curb Spam.

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It's relatively recent, but not really brand new. I noticed it a few weeks ago when one of my friends was sending off an email in the lab. Quite unfortunate that users have to jump through an extra hoop because of the explosion of email spam. But if it's effective, it's definitely worth the few extra seconds. :)


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It's about hotmail does something about the spam. I quit using them because of all the crap I got, then if they wouldn't have been selling all the emails I wouldn't have gotten so much !!

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Well configured, my Hotmail account is almost spam free: one spam every once in a while (and always the same one, Poker something... ;) ), so I'm quite happy with it :)
Someone with a virus obviously have my address anyway. Every other day my spam folder is filled to the limit with virus mails, all look like they are from the same virus. It's "Re:", "Your password", "Your email was blocked" or something along those lines with some text and an attached zip file (and a Hotmail antivirus notice saying "Clean"). All are sent within minutes and my account fills up very fast. It's been going on for the past few weeks. Highly annoying.

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