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Hotmail popup for OE6


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi guys,

Is there a program out there that will create a small popup when email arrives in my OE6, sorta like what the popup that hotmail does when messenger is opened.

Thanks in advance.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Nets to the rescue again.

Thanks, Bud. This is actually for a friend as I am a converted Monzilla Thunderbird user (As per your recommendations a few weeks ago).


Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Originally posted by NetRyder
...and notify you via a small icon in the system tray :)
OE, minimized or not, already displays an icon in the system tray, with sound... I don't think, NetRyder, that your program will do anything more...
I may be wrong :eek:
Hehe. Not a problem, Heeter. Glad to help :)

@Ant-|-One: I haven't looked for any programs that display popup notifications like the ones MSN has, but ePrompter is different from the OE notification in that it basically checks all your email accounts separately, and displays the number of new messages on each account using a different colored circle in the system tray. OE doesn't need to be open at all...ePrompter just sits in the tray and checks for messages at user-specified time intervals.
Hope that sort of explains it. :)

Static 99

You could also try PopTray --> http://poptray.crause.co.za/

Main Features:
Unlimited number of Accounts
Show number of messages directly on the TrayIcon (rotating by account)
Quickly preview a message
Delete messages from the server without downloading them
Rules that identify a message according to your criteria, then does one of these actions:
Play different notification sound
Delete from the server
Run any EXE file
Mark as Spam
etc ...
Configurable Hot-keys/Mouse-Buttons/Command-Line options for most functions
Plug-in Support:
Protocol plug-ins (e.g. IMAP4, POP3SSL, Hotmail, etc.)
Notify plug-ins (e.g. Flashing scroll-lock light)
Spam management using rules and white/black lists
Mulitple notfications (play sound, pop-up, etc)
Translated into 30+ languages
Complete Install / Uninstall
Many More ...

All this for FREE and Open-Source !

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