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hotmail getting flooded with spam...after 3 years clean



i've been extremely cautious since i got my hotmail address because my last email was getting flooded with junk. so i got a new one and never gave my email out to any sites or anything. just friends. this payed off for the three years ive had the address, never recieved any unwanted mail. now, for no reason, im getting slammed with spam. i can't figure it out. and when i try to unsubscribe i get my mail returned because most of them are bogus email addresses. can anyone help me with this problem or at least tell me why this is happening? thanks for any info
Im just amazed you were spam free for three years! Unheard of! I havent used hotmail in a long time but doesnt it have some sort of spam filtering I seem to remember? The thing I remember most about hotmail was that whatever name I chose, some jerks program always seemed to guess it in their random alphabetical mail lists.


yes indeed...i was very proud of the feat of actually being spam free...but i guess those glory days are over...


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were you deactivating and reactivating your hotmail account every 2 days for 3 yrs to prevent spam or something? :p

nah, i had a hotmail addy for many yrs then last year, i thought, enough was enough, and got a new addy to prevent the spam.

until just a month ago, i was totally spam free...

now, i get one mail from the same addy, a simple block has done it nicely

however, i am cheating, as i have the block mail set on high, so i may be getting a lot more spams but ive not noticed anythign in my deleted box fora while

what is bugging me is my pop mail addy, which ive had for some 10 years, thats started to be spammed on a daily basis. luckily most of them have unsubscribe links which are working, but some... not so lucky

i only wish there is a law some time whereby the spammer will have to pay each spamee compensation for the distress it causes

daily mails, pr0n too, its ridiculous. in my case, i get all my mail fowarded to my mobile phone too, so its a total waste of time when i get an email to find its spammed, and hasve wasted money in checking it.

hotmail you understand, its free, and its one of the most popular web based email clients, course its gonna be hit first (not to mention its microsoft). what i do wonder is IF people paid the fee for an upgrade, would spam stop? or just make more inbox space for more spam?


I have the options on my Hotmail "Junk Mail Filter" set to Exclusive and to delete all junk mai immediately and those deleted ones never show up anywhere - including my "Deleted Folder".

I am just curious if you downloaded the latest version of Windows Messenger and if that had anything to do with it changing - or if perhaps somehow inadvertently you changed the options on your junk mail filter.

BTW - don't know if it is true or not - but I have been told to never use the "unsubscribe link" - as all that does is tell the spammer that yours is a valid addy.
Originally posted by damnyank
BTW - don't know if it is true or not - but I have been told to never use the "unsubscribe link" - as all that does is tell the spammer that yours is a valid addy.
I have heard the same thing, but have no proof that it works, I suspect if it's from a large reputable company the "unsubscribe link" would work.

What I do is create an account on hotmail or yahoo, use it for the stuff I buy online then when it starts getting spammed open a new one and start all over and never go back to the ones I used to use.

my pop3 account is never given out except to family and close friends.


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Oh I got it, you sent your CS member profile to me with it... Don't worry I still have it.. waddy just hasn't given me ftp access yet :S
Originally posted by damnyank
BTW - don't know if it is true or not - but I have been told to never use the "unsubscribe link" - as all that does is tell the spammer that yours is a valid addy.

Sometimes, the unsubscribe link is dead. Go figure. :rolleyes:


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one of the best ways to tell the spammers that somebody is at that email is to "unsubscribe" to their spam - translation: take me off this list and add me to 20 others.

sometimes you dont even need to unsubscribe, the simple act of viewing html mail can tell them that that email account is good and you're reading the spam.

I posted a helpful spam buster in the best programs thread in the tweaks forum.

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