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Hot glue on a motherboard?


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Ooooooh, a bunch 'o smart asses. :s :p

Edited post for those that don't know how to put 2 & 2 together. And no, it's not 22. ;)


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its for my ipod, the logic board seems to need pressure ina certain area, the glue may help, but i did everything i coul dlast night, besides glue andit failed, so i bought a busted one on ebay, so i can switch out some parts..i should be ok
If the board "needs pressure" what you have is broken circuit trace or a lifted pad. The pressure will only work for a while, if you are lucky.

Get a magnifying glass and do a thorough visual inspection of the circuit traces until you find the crack or. Then flow some solder over the crack, preferably with a thin strand of wire to bridge the gap. This repair will be permanent.

PS If you must ignore the above... Do not put hot glue on or adjecent to any components. The heat and thermal contraction of the glue can damage fragile surface mount components. RTV silicone (clear) is the prefered method for circuit cards. It is flexible and does not require heat. It takes 24 hours to dry though, be patient

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