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A friend of mine and myself are setting up a website. The site will host music files (copyright free .ram files).

We also want a forum, so MySQL is desired aswell as CGI/Perl and PHP. Also, the storage needed for the site, music and forum. I think maybe 200MB will do? Correct me if you think I need more.

We're hoping the site will have a big audience, so high bandwidth would be what we're looking for too. We want it to be fast and reliable and good tech support.

Where is the best place for hosting? Neither of us have paid for web hosting before.

Dedicated OC-12 Backbone

Basic $14.95 150MB 10GB/month
Professional $24.95 400MB 25GB/month
Developer $29.95 600MB 35GB/month

They are running a special right now... $20 setup fee. Normally $40

They offer FrontPage extensions, PERL, PHP4, Python, MySQL, SSI, CGI Bin, etc...

I was with them for over a year and I have no complaints.
Originally posted by SkazzyUK
2 super sites that come recommended, the first one is www.34sp.com (which I use for all my sites)

and the other is www.oneandone.co.uk they are meant to be superb

hope it helps,

Oneandone is OK as long as you dont want to have DNS pointing, I have two domains with them, I am currently in the process of moving them over to BeepDomains, another good one is NetNames, I havent got the addresses of either, but they are in that Nominet list of members. Also I sent an email to NetNames last week and they havent replied, so I dont know if that is important to you.


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iPowerWeb.com - $7.95/month (12 month contract) or $6.95/month (24 month contract) 400 MB space with 30 GB bandwidth/month. No setup fee, and domain registration is included, if you don't have a domain.

(FYI, you pay it all up front for the year/2 years.)

It's pretty damn reliable and fast. I set one of my profs up on it to test it out, because I was too scared to experiment on myself ;).


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