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Hosting and stuff

OKay I thought there was a special forum for this kind of stuff? I guess osnnbay is close enough.

As some of you may know I work for a London datacenter and am trying to get a small hosting business going on the side. I'd put that on hold recently as I may have changed jobs. I'm staying put now so plans are back on.

To this end I've reactivated by billing software license and sorted out a forum :)

The forum is at http://forum.redmeteor.net/ for interested parties.

Plans are as follows:

Shortly I'll be having my uplink to the world upgraded from 10mbit/1mbit to 100mbit/100mbit (in/out).

During my next days off I shall put a bunch of work in on the website in an attempt to make people want to buy stuff. No content doesn't make for a very compelling sell :p

I'll be charging in UK Pounds, so all you in the US need to kick whoever let the US Dollar get to almost $2 to £1!

Packages will start with 500MB Disk space growing to 2GB diskspace over 3 options.

In terms of data transfer this will start at 50GB/Month and stop at 100GB/Month.

Prices are £10, £15 and £20/month

Domain pricing I'll provide as soon as my account with Directi is sorted out :D

If interested in anything before everything is completed please get in touch. I can do things manually in the mean time.
can i get the 3.2TB/day bandwidth package? :eek:
I really think that was a miscalculation by cPanel :p

You're more than welcome to host henypron with me again :) Recent changes to my circumstances mean I will shortly be able to throw some nice big disks at my servers :)
I get 80ms to New york. After that it starts climbing a ladder. I could source you a US based server, but it would probably be better for you to find a localised gaming specialist yourself :)

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