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Hostages Freed, Terrorists Killed

Was watching the Russian television right now, the Russian special forces stormed the Theater, and in about 40, the whole event was over. Some of the terrorists, including the leader, have been killed, others, taken captive. There has been word of a intended gas leak in the building, causing everyone to get sleepy/drowsy/weak. The hostages are freed, thank God. About 5 people killed, some wounded, not large numbers.

- Source- Summary of Live News On Russian TV, straight from the scene.

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The Russian Special Forces are nearly as kick ass as the SAS.
Respect to em.
Headlines are on here in 10 mins so I will check it all out then.
I'm very glad they acted in time. Also; supposedly the explosives mentioned by the terrorists are in the building, but, they did not detonate. I think I know why;

Sometime today, a pipe carrying hot water in the basement burst. The terrorists called in, asking what was going on, and a water leak was reported. Hot water.
I believe this was intentional; the water might have made any and all bomb equipment in the basement, which is where they would put it, soggy, and an unuseable. Also, the water might have made the walls weak, because, it is said that the Russian forces enterted through a blown up hole in the wall.

This must be very well planned; by anti-terrorists specalists from all over.

Whatever the case may be, I am glad that everyone was not killed. However, what's saddening, is that there were victims.


Posted by canadian_divx
anouther vicroty for the good guys
hmm, yes the terrorists are definately in the wrong here, but the overall surrounding details of the situation are a little more complicated than good and bad.


finally. that's good new. btw i think for that kind of act russia should bomb one of their cities or something. but that's just my opinion i guess.

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