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Host resolution slow


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I have a website running on my main machine at home (WinXP SP2). I have set the website as my home page in my browser (IE7) using the host name.

Every time I open IE7 there is a long lag between the browser opening and the home page opening (up to 10 seconds). Using localhost instead of the host name is likewise very slow. When I changed the home page to use the IP address instead of the host name, that works very quickly.

Anyone know why using the host name would be so much slower?

disable the DNS client service.

You can do this by bringing up the run dialogue (windows key + R)
type services.msc and click okay.
Scroll down to DNS Client and right click it.
Choose properties and set the run mode to disabled from automatic. Click stop then apply and then ok.
exit the services control panel and run the host lookup again. It should be faster.


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lord, that shouldn't effect the resolution for the local host name though. As I understand it, he mentions no issues when resolving external hosts, only his own machine hostname.

Just out of curisoty, if you drop into a command prompt and do nslookups, do you see the same delay?

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