Host from LAN computer?



My wife has the HOST computer of our LAN. Whenever I want to host a game or something I have to host it from her computer because she is the one with the IP, not me.

My question is:

Is there a way for ME to host a game on my PC, but keep the modem in her PC?
I use a HUB, not router.



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without switching to using a router i'm not sure if you can do it..i'll look into it though :)


You will need a port mapper such as AnalogX's PortMapper. It basically redirects incoming ports to your computer, as the outside world can only see the IP address of the server.

If you want to run any kind of server software on your computer, just find out what ports it uses on what protocols.


TCP 27015
UDP 27015

FTP: (up to)
TCP 20, 21
UDP 20, 21

Or change the server software on your computer to the ones you have mapped...just make sure you dont map any that are needed for other things!

For ICQ file-transfer, define a TCP port range under preferences/connections/user and map the same ones on the server.


Do I put "localhost" under the target?
Not exactly sure on how to use this proggy


The target is the local IP of the machine you want to host this game. What you're doing is telling your wife's computer where to send very specific information (such as information coming on port 27015).


ok lets say you wanted to host a game of half-life on your computer:

  1. Install The port mapper on your wifes computer.
  2. Run it and right click the system-tray and click "Configure".
  3. In the box that comes up, click "configure mapping". Press "Add".
  4. In the port section put 27015, and in the host section put the IP address of YOUR computer. Leave it on TCP/any interface. Press "OK".
  5. Repeat the last step, but use UDP.
  6. Click DONE, DONE and people on the internet should then be able to join a game hosted on your computer.
    • You can get your IP address by going RUN then typing "cmd /k ipconfig" (no quotes).
    • You should put the portmapper in the startup of the server so it is always running.
    • Make sure your firewall(s) also allow these ports through and note that if you are using a firwall package, it might well have it's own port mapping feature, in which case you should use that instead.

    That should be all you need to know (hopefully) :).
    It's all worth it in the end!

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