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Homepage needs updating


Boogie Nights...!
The links down the left hand side of the homepage need updating, Catalyst 3.5 aren't the 'Latest Drivers'!!

Dont know what else is out of date...maybe it's just this one.

Electronic Punk

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Ok I have updated the lists a little.
Added a suggestion box so if you feel something should be modified there feel free to let me know!


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Originally posted by ViperSnake
So why can't Jewelzz do it. Does (s)he know how to update sidebars in Virutalnews?
Everyone has their job here, [e]-Punk does all the updates, I (she btw for those that still don't know) try to keep the news up to date, waddy pays the bills and MdSalih, well, he does nothing :p

Electronic Punk

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He gave us his licenced copy of hivemail ;)
He also converted Orbitz into the frontpage theme and MAY (not like I have even asked) help to make more frontpage themes, when I feel its time to add more (and increase my workload when one bloody line of code changes)

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