home to pro upgrade... reformat worthy?


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That would largely depend on you and if you feel you "need" any of the added things Pro has :)

*Edit* - here is a compare chart in case you don't know those differences.


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I wouldn't think so. Home has the same files Pro has, Pro has some extra, so really you'll just be copying over some files. If you want just Boot from the Pro CD and select a fresh install.
i wish i would have seen this before the purchase... what a waste. the only difference is networking possibilitys built in... live, learn, and eXPerience.


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I would say always research computer related purchases before buying unless you are _sure_ its a great deal.


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my guess is a student version. I bought officeXP and XPPro for less than $25 together.

BTW, if you plan on networking your computer at all, XP Pro is the way to go, XP home is a definite mistake.
nah, not the student version.. my buddy works at a video game store, and he found out that microsoft will give them credits for becoming "certified" on certain games, or applications, and the sort. so he pretty much answers some questions, gets some points, and the points can be redeemed for software which you only pay shipping & handling on... pretty sweet deal for me. i gave him my old 15" monitor, which was a huuugee upgrade for his weak little 13" which i just hated to look at anyway. so it all worked out.

edit: i'll ask him for the website so you guys can see if you are working for a store that does the same deal...

edit2: http://www.microsoft.com/retail/default.mspx
you dont have to reformat at all, you can simply upgrade from Home to Professional as you would upgrade from any other windows version (98, 2000 etc)


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Pro is worth it imo. I would also do a reformat, i mean why not? since you just reformatted a little while ago, you probably have nothing to lose, but a nice clean system to gain...I can just see XP Pro creating duplicate (i.e. Documents and Settings(2) ) directories and leaving extra home junk in there...


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The ASR ( Auto System Recovery) I believe is a key feature to make Pro worthwhile in its own right.
The Home Version does not have this.


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Tweakfiend said:
The ASR ( Auto System Recovery) I believe is a key feature to make Pro worthwhile in its own right.
The Home Version does not have this.
I've never really looked into that..what exactly is it?
It's a boot disk that can restore your system settings and configuration (not files!) by re-installing windows and restoring system settings.


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I was curious. I built PC a few months ago, and got a good deal, so bought XP Home. Now I have a copy of XP professional (full). My question is, can I use the full version of XP to upgrade my Home edition to Professional, or do I have to purchase an upgrade version? ... Which I really do not want to do. :)


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The full version can be used for the upgrade. For future reference, upgrade versions are always cheaper, and are full versions, they just require that you have a cd of a previous qualifying windows version, that is the only difference.


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About the only reason to have pro is if you are going to be doing certian things like run visual studio.net or some of the sort. If you are a regular user who just plays games, checks emails, chats on the Aim and Aol, and just surfs the web. Home edition is all you need ..

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