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I need to share an External USB hardrive and a USB Printer between to computers. (So I don't have to have one computer constanly running to access my devices) Would this work by pluging in a USB server into my lynksys router via LAN? That is, if I found a mini server with more than one USB port....thanks for any help!


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Well in cases that you don't seem to have, they do make External Hard Drives and Printers that have Network cards - just wanted to mention that if you wanted to sink some cash into the investment.

To get it working with your current environment, you could get a device as you described that has a print server. You could then access the printer and drive by IP or by DNS pending the software within your mini server supports naming conventions.


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you could also buy new router with network storage built in.

the easier option though ... provided you already have the network up .... plug both the printer and storage in the main computer ...and allow it to be used by everyone on the network. pretty ez ..right click and allow sharing.
You have to Hack the firmware in the NSLU2 to do what you want. It uses a non Windows disk format by default. There was a problem using the NSLU2 in a indows environment without the hack but the details escape me right now.

As usual Wikipedia refers incorrectly to the Hack as an Upgrade which implies manufacturer support. You do the hack you void your warantee.

Sharing the printer is fairly easy I have found print serves that translate Ethernet to USB for as lowas $30.

Sharing the HD it would be cheapest to find a HD enclosure with ethernet built in and ditch the USB enclosure you have now.

Note this will require 2 additional ethernet ports on your switch so you may need to add an additional switch to the network.
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