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Home Networking With 2 PC ? - Help me

Hi Friends,

I need your help with networking. Hope i'll get some tips.

I have 2 computers - 2 Ethernet Card - 1 Rj45 Cable
(I m using Windows XP in both System)

Is it possible to connect both PC. I mean to say i wanted to do LAN.

I m good at computers but don't have much knowladge with Networking..

any ideas? or any websites where i can get help.

Waiting for some reply...

Hope someone will guide me how to setup networking wid 2 computers.

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Well the easiest way is to get yourself a wired or wireless router. The other is to use a crossover cable.(think that is what it is called to get the two connected) Going the router route ( no pun intended) is probably easiest and less problematic.


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The easiest way to go about setting up a LAN and to have Internet Access on both machines, which is what I assume you would desire, is to buy a Router as Lucy recommended.

I personally recommend the Linksys WRT54G :

The router is wireless, which you don't need for desktops, but the cost difference is so minimal and this way you have the option to go wireless if it ever presents itself.

They also have a security button on the front which sets most of it up for you, the CD is in the box which also walks you through most of it.

Hope that helps :)
my problem solved i have connected both NIC card with crossover cable n assing IP and now it's working fine.. i have only 2 computers so don't want to buy router.

Now i m confused how to share internet conection in both system.

waiting for some reply.


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All a crossover cable will let you do is have PC1 talk to PC2, there will not be an option for internet access unless you get a router, or put a second NIC in one of the computers where the connection comes in. That, or a modem.


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maksa, you can solve this issue without buying a router.

One of your machines needs to have two network cards in it and become the internet gateway/router, basically the second pc attaches to one of the nics and the free nic in the first machine attaches to your adsl, dsl, cable modem etc...

here is a how to from MS, hopefully this will help, i was trying to find
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You don't need a router or another NIC. If you have a USB ADSL modem on one machine. Just goto the internet connection properties and advanced. the allow other computers to connect through this pc. Only thing with this way is that the main PC (with the usb modem) must be switched on for the other to be able to use the internet.


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brocher is correct, as long as you has a usb modem.... adsl, dsl or cable, should mostly have an option for usb connection, although this method is thought to slow down the connection to your pc itself, although when i did this i never saw any slow down.

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