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home networking...newbie question



Have a question about networking 2 computers (both running XP). I have the Linksys 4 port router already connected and configured on one system and can access the internet thru it.

My question is that my second computer is not finished yet but once it is do I just configure it and plug it into the router and it will be on the "network"? Also how do I connect to the internet from it? Right now i enable my network on my current computer and are online, do I need to do same from the 2nd one once its connected to the router or enabling network on one will automatically let me online with the second one? Sorry this might seem like a bunch of dumb questions but the documentation the router came with does not explain this process very well.


I'm all ears
Right at home I got 2x XP computers routed through a 4 port HUB, primary computer has ADSL.

What u do is install networking for both machines, make it so u can see each others comps on the network.
On primary computer goto network properties, choose your internet connection, goto that properties and tick the box that says "let other computers on my LAN connect to the internet through this machine".
Goto the second computer and Network Wizard, answer the questions as needed but this time pick it so it say connect to the internet through a computer on the LAN. Should work.

If it is any other OS you will need to use the function on the XP cd.

Im sure that is what I did anyway, im not at home so cant be very precise, but it is easy if your hardware is ok and running.


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