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Prodigal Son
11 Feb 2002
After I purchased this new computer, I gave my kids my old computer...pentium 133 w/ win 98. Yeah, I know I'm finally out of the stone age.;) I have a cable internet connection and would like to share that connection with them. Would a usb network be sufficient enough for that? I don't care about sharing files or anything, just the connection. Any info is appreciated.
USB is a slower network.

Your better off buying two network cards = $20

and a crossover cable = $4

and you have a network which will do anything :)
The only reason I considered USB is because I don't have any slots left on the back of my new computer for another nic. *thinks* Wait a minute...I don't need my 56k modem, I have cable...bingo, an extra slot.:D
... but then again, does the 133 really have USB? If it doesn't you'll have to buy a new USB-card anyway.

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