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Home Network Connection - Don't Know How To Setup


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I am trying to connect 2 computers using a cable modem connected to a router. I have an Xp pro & win 2000 OS for the PC's. How do I connect them like they can "SEE" each other and share files?
Thanks a lot.


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Disable simple file sharing on XP Pro and have the same usernames with paswords on both PCs. Connect, share something, done.


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i had installed the win2K to my other pc. this pc is connected to a router and another pc is connected to the router too, it's an xp pro. on my win 2ooo pc, how do i connect to the internet? i tried the wizard but can't get it working. i have 10Mbps as speed and 77 sent packets but 0 received. i did ping the ip address i got from ipconfig and it had a reply, 0% loss.
thank you.


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Ok I my best guess would be make sure both systems are setup to get the ip from router and make sure they can see the router, then share a folder on each system and see if can access it from the other. Once that all works you should be able to access the net from both systems


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i am trying to resetup the pc again because i remembered setting it up with a "bogus" domain or group but i really don't have. so i guess everytime it boots it looks for this domain or group. what'll i'll do is simply setup the pc without any domain or group except internet connection. i'll post what'll happen.

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