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@ home is bust.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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1) No need to post this twice :) * threads merged*
2) If you're going to post news of something, please include the source to validate

PlayStation Home Shutdown, Tooth Fairy Not Real - News - GameInformer.com

Game Informer's yearly April Fools' contribution is Game Infarcer – five pages of blatantly false news, previews, and features. Though each page is clearly marked "parody," there are always people who believe our fake reporting. This year was no exception – and the story about PlayStation Home's shutdown (on April 1st, no less) seems to have caused a bit of a ruckus among Home users.
3) Really seems kind of early to me to include april fools stuff now.. Just my opinion though..

**edited/modified my own post heavily from the original

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