I really need a non-computer related hobby .....

any suggestions ?
Digital Photography is good :)

Pretend your from a magazine and get some really good photos ...LOL

thats my hobby , i know its computer related but its good
Go clubbing
I have found Gatecrasher, which is on the Net during the week, then 9 hours of the best tunes on Saturday night.

Tonight is Mauro Picotto, 6 hour set, my favourite DJ ever!!!
collect something, how about CDs? j/k someting like stamps, coins, comics, i collect comic books
Thanks guys,

I just get sick of sitting infront of a PC all the time, the weather here is terrible , so there isnt a lot more to do .....

Electronics may be good ... or photography ...will give it a try anyway

why not pick up the meat whistle heard it was a great instrument:D
Fishing, the perfect way to unwind after playing wolfenstein


Wolfenstein, the perfect way to unwind after fishing.

This depends on how good you are at fishing...

breakdancing...? its fun and 10 minutes of it is all the exercise u need in a day...
ooooor... if u dun wanna work up a sweat or nothin' than how 'bout reading? or maybe writing? who knows - u might tap into some unknown talent! ;) thas my hobby, anyway... it's a very good way to let out pent up frustrations about school, work, the ex u can't get outta ur system - err i mean, school... *sheepish grin*

oooooh... shooting pool is great, too! :D kinda gets expensive, thoe, unless u play @ school with ur student discounts keke
reading . fishing, x-stitching, gardening
well maybe not x-stitching
my only non computer hobbie is my car... my 1988 Trans Am. I have put a lot of work into it and I enjoy driving that thing. :)
If you like electronic musik, pick yourself up a pair or Technics 1200's and a mixer, some vinyl and START SPINNING!!
best hobby EVER...does get a bit expensive, but its fuuuuun. Been doing it for 8 years and its the BEST way to escape the torment of bad weather hehehe
lift weights (it will build up your confidence) --> pick up some chicks (girls are very time/energy consuming) --> sex (another great exercise)

LOL ........sounds GREAT idea !!!

i cant wait to try sex ....

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