HL2 Leak good for gamers?

Will the HL2 leak be good video games overall (read the post before deciding)?

  • Good for gaming! [why]

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Bad for gaming! [why not]

    Votes: 14 66.7%
  • It won't make a difference.

    Votes: 6 28.6%

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I was noticing the Russian "release" of HL2, and also saw that the people who had compiled the source had also made a patch for it just as a developer might have done.

Now that the source code is available, people will be working together to make this an extremely stable and customizable game, not to mention making Mac/Linux ports. Since the source is readily available, imagine what the mods & maps community could do with this, too...

Just watch...I said it first (I think). ;)


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I would prefer it if they'd developed their own code, and ported that,
rather than steal someone else's hard-work.
Not to mention it's put the release date of the real HL2 back again :(
So No will be my vote, it's only helped the crackz/warez scene


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Not only did it put the game back considerably, they have to rewrite code cause imagine what hackers and cheats can do with it. It also leaves valve open to lawsuits because the code contains technology licensed from other companies. The code is no where near complete and will never be fully playable or stable. Stealing (it was stolen not leaked) peoples work can never be good for the community


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I'm not even sure it'll make difference w/ all the delays and such (I think it would have been delayed before the breakin anyways) alot of ppl have lost interest in the game ...


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i gave up on HL2, taking too long too many problems etc, by the time the game makes it to release it's gunna be 2005 at this rate.

DX10 games will probably be released b4 this comes out.

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The leak means that honest gamers have not got to see something that they have patiently waited for, while illegal warez users have... irrespective of the delays.


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I'd have to say a big NO to helping the gaming community. :( I'll just wait like everyone else.

But, what if it was a stunt by Valve to keep the advertising flowing? "Oops, someone stole our source code... Oops, someone finished the game for us."


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If anything, the leak was very bad news for gamers. Companies are now going to be paranoid with security, spending more time trying to secure their networks to prevent something similar happening to them, than making some games for us gamers.

The leak caused a delay in HL2 coming out, the cheaters/hackers job is made easier now, and Valve essentially got robbed of their hard work.


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I can't see how this is good for gamers... other than forcing devs and companies producing the products and releasing/marketing it to do a better job of addressing the needs of the people who put them where they are today... US... the consumers...


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Won't make any difference, people who pirate games are going to do so regardless of when it comes out, what state it comes out in and what conditions its "released" under. Just because the source leaked doesn't mean more people will pirate it. There's pirates, then there's legit people, they're gonna do wtf they like.

Same goes for the crackers, this only aids them with making their patches and cracks, it would happen anyway.

HandyBuddy said:
..not to mention making Mac/Linux ports. Since the source is readily available..
Well I hope it gets a mac port. why? because it's their own ****ing fault that mac users will get it for free then because they didn't decide to port it.
the crack/warez people grow in numbers each day.. this is not helping the community, even if there are mods out for it already and patches to help it run faster/better. let the company put it out, because thats the way its intended to be released. let people play it that way.


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Illegal downloads of anything will continue to increase because people are sick of paying the stupid prices these companies ask, accompany that with the fact it's getting easier and easier to find these things, along with the faster and faster connections our ISP's are telling us that we need.

So if it leaks or not, it will be pirated, that's just society.


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I agree about the pricing of the games, and I say it dosent really matter and it comes out when it comes out. It just sucks thats its going to be longer.


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I don't see how people could be releasing ports and fixes ala open-source since the leaked code wasn't full. The only thing this will affect is multiplayer hacks/cheats ... and they are already making steps to prevent cheating.

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