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HL2 Helicopter question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I have reached a point @ HalfLife2 that I might need some assistance. I just picking up a magnum 357, after ditching the hovercraft, and I come up stairs and there is this helicopter that I can't shake off, I have fired all my ammo at it to no avail, I have tried running away from it with nowhere to hide except for going backwards. Could someone tell me how to get past the helicopter?

Thanks in advance,


American Zombie

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You do not have weapons to destroy the helicopter yet so make use of the containers to hide from it as you advance to where you need to go.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, you can hear its guns spinning up and that is when you need to seek cover.
You don't destroy the helicopter (if at all) for a while but you do go back to your hovercraft.
If you are where I think you are...

After working your way through the containers you will come to an open warehouse full of combine. After killing them, work your way up the stairs into the tower. Use the heavy machine guns in there to take out the helicopter.

HL2 Rule!!!! :D


Quazatron R6 droid
Be aware that once you get to the guns, you will need to attack it from one angle with one machine gun, then with the other machine gun when it switches angle.

It makes a nice and satisfying "FOOM!" when it blows up though :D
I am at the end where you are at the tower and I cannot figure out how to stop him from going through the portal. I think it has something to do with the doors and closing them back up, but they keep on bouncing up and down when I hit them with anything.

Anyone have any idea what I need to do?

American Zombie

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Grab the energy balls with gravity gun and destroy the spacecraft, doors and portal with them.

Edit- I tried to use spoiler tag but then text did not show when you clicked on "show spoiler".
Actually, I figured it out just after I posted. Since I slammed those doors a few times and noticed the balls were hitting something else and knocking off parts. :)

Thanks though. :)

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