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HL2 Gold on Monday


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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from csnation.net

Update: At present, the announcement is not confirmed as being posted by Gabe Newell as his account may have been compromised.

let's hope it's the truth
So there is a gold news for going gold? :p

What do you call these things... it just went silver?

Well, good news. Now lets hope it comes out as an awesome game.

Shamus MacNoob

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Well whatever files they are giving out in preloading I have at 100% , and yes I am aware that they might not unlock it before the release to stores. But hey I wont have to go out and stand around for hours or hunt high and low fighting the masses!!!

So I am just going to sit here and wait ( yes thats right I will not leave my chair till it is unlocked ) LOLOLOL

Forums Temporarily Disabled
The going gold hoax has obviously put a huge amount on strain of the server. Rather than have the site completely down, we've temporarily disabled the forums until the insane traffic subsides. Until then, you can always drop by our IRC channel: #hl2fallout on irc.gamesurge.net.


Gold is like a master disk i think which i think then they make copies of. I may be work tho.
Fool's Gold
Update: After one crazy night of theories, server mayhem and IP tracing, we've finally gotten to the bottom of this mess. In a twist of hilarity, it seems that Gabe Newell had set his account password to 'gaben'. Person x guessed this and made the "going gold on Monday" post which we've heard so much about. The user (who we believe is the same person x) then made this post just minutes ago using Gabe's account:

Maybe he shouldn't have used 'gaben' for his password. Come on Gabe, you could of thought of something better than that

LOL - sorry to break the news to people. Or is this a Hoax of a Hoax. lol more crazyness still to come i bet....

Shamus MacNoob

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LOL HL2 the game has to take first place when it comes to all that has happened with and around it, we could write a made for tv movie on all that has happened to this game before it even hit the stores.

hmm.... for all we know it might even go gold Sunday, or maybe actually be monday. that dude woulda made a pretty damn good guess.

P.S. Kermit: you DO know that unless you buy from Steam, or wait a month after release, you're gonna fight wit a crowd, right? unless you pre-order it and pay off the whole thing before it's released. then u could probably just walk up to the counter and be like "Hey, i'm here to pick up my copy of Half-Life 2." and they'll be like "ok... i see u have it paid for... here u go" and u can be all like "wewt." and stuff.

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