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HL general problems with lag !!



ok this is silly, i can now connect to servers just using the inbuilt method, if i try with anything like gamespy it goes all silly and stays at console doing sweet FA.
ok once connected (eventually) i can play for like 1 min max before getting lagged to hell, every thing after that my ping shoots up to 4 figures, slowly falls, then does it again. its completely uplayable and was wondering if you can all help :) cheers

p4 1.8
256mb ram
64mb geforce2
winxp home
Aztech CNR v.92 internal modem
ISP = Lineone (Tiscalli)


been reading your dilemma's, seems you have a few. Not the least that you got a funny handle :D .
Anyway, cant tell from your location where your chattin from, but if it's like BRISBANE, the old anolgue telephone cabling (dial up) wouldn't let ya play online for long cos of the lag. (Get Cable)
Secondly, you mentioned you could play with 98 & I assume that's SE.
you dont mention the size of your HDD but if it's a new system , I'd imagine it's around 30 to 40 Gb. You may like to get a proggie called System Commander 2000 which will allow you to use up to 100 O/S's on your PC. Partion off a section of your HDD & install your old 98 O/S & see if that makes a difference. I believe WIN 2 K also allowed you to have several O/s on @ once...dunno about XP though..just workin it out myself.
My son is on my lan with 98SE & he can play CS online no drama's...I seem to have a gfx error *SHRUGS*...think me GFX card is somewhat incompatible with something..

just a thought mate



heh thanks for the support and the general mocking on a typo name :D
anyway i tried using sommink called Partition Magic or something and it fux0red meh pc, anythings worth a go tho :)


no worries mate....glad your all FIXED UP...(well all but your handle it seems :D ) but I reckon the mods will sort that out for ya soon enough if you've sent the request . Seems like a pretty good forum here I found the link through the HL forum which I'm also a member of. I had a problem with a gfx error which I posted both here & in the HL forum & I have received a reply here & not @ the HL forum...guess the XP guys are smarter eh? :cool:


oh ffs!!

*SIGH* things just get worse!!
ok i installed the dual boot and thats fine, got a few unknown devices, my sound card i think and some others, but the real problem lies here:

on windows xp my modem is installed (internal) into com3, now on booting into win98 it doesnt go up to com3! it only has com1 and com2!! so therefore i have no modem!! things just arent great :|
and to make matters worse i think that my modem is a winXP modem only.. thats what my source of info said
(Aztech CNR v.92)
And i dont have driver cds and shit like that because pacard bell insist on giving you a hidden partition on the HD and a floppy disc to recover whats on there, only snag is, u cant take bits, u have to reinstall the whole freaking lot!!

/me is not happy bunny


no...dont think that's right re the modem ol son...
but any time your uncertain, or you wanna check WTF a particular error means...copy the sucker & put it into the search bar on

Aztech CNR 2800


Windows 95
Windows 98 / 98SE
Windows 2000
Windows NT 4.0
Windows Millennium
Windows XP

It has quite a bit more info but I dont wish to bore the other punters, suffice to say that if it was purely an XP modem ( to be honest, never heard of one) it wouldn't need drivers for the other operating systems.

You say your using partion Majik...does that allow you to have more than one O/S as well? I thought it just partitioned your drive..but geez, I sure dont know everything :rolleyes:
I'm new to the XP o/s so I'm learning as I go but I've noticed there's some sharp moderators in here so maybe you should email them direct with your specific problems (along with your handle change request :D .
I know I haven't been a great help..but maybe I've been able to point you in the direction for future assistance..nothing worse than people reading your dilemma's & sayin BUGGAH..& not trying to assist.

GOOD LUCK!:cool:



yeah well Partition magic lets u manage another os on the second partition :) providing u got a boot manager (Boot Magic) or something.
Anyway i dunno if it is a CNR 2800 or whatever :p i already tried looking, please dont think im that stupid.. ( /me looks at nickname and ignores any comments)
its worth a go.. but as its installed on com3 and win 9 only goes as far as com1 and com2.. im still screwed without drivers :p


Re: Dual booting

For future reference, if you are wanting to see if something will work differently on another OS, the best thing in the world is not actually using another partition, as you can fully screw up your existing system, and may be unable to download patches/drivers that you need (i talk from experience when my modem needed an updated driver, and of course, thats a nice paradox).

I have been doing all this dual booting for years, and the best app in the whole world is Virtual PC. There is a PC version as well as the pc emulator for the Mac, and it allows you to create a virtual pc that runs separate from your OS, but in a window on your desktop. Sounds memory intensive i know, but on any modern machine with 128mb RAM, and a decent size hard disk, its fast.

As an example, i'm on P3 750, 256mb RAM, and it purrs along running Rad Hat 6.0 Server, as a window on Windows XP Pro.

Anyways, check it out, its really easy to use, and although you get only a trial code, i thinkmost ppl will find it an important utility.


Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Well, Virtual pc's all well and good..... but it's not you pc !!

It's an emulator, so consequently nothing "Real" works, IE no 3d, no modem, no scanner, printer (maybe) no joystick, No USB etc.

What's so wrong with dual boot, especially if it's on two hard drives



well theres nothing wrong with my partition.. and if anythings gonna go wrong, it will be to me guarenteed! dont get me started on my 17/18 year life story!!
anyway.. ive tried putting my old modem into my new pc, and i thought it went ok, but i get a lower connection speed , down to a pathetic 37.5
however i cant seem to find any f00king drivers for it, all ive got on it is that it is a
MDP3858-WE modem.. made by rockwell i do believe.. anyone finds any xp drivers il be v.gratful etc etc :)

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